Katmandu kaffi, 250 g

Katmandu kaffi, 250 g, medium brent

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Veldig god kaffi frå Nepal. Økologisk dyrka, men har ikkje vore gjennom godkjenningsordning for økologiske matvarer i Noreg. Medium brent traktekaffi.

Her er info om denne kaffien og om kaffidyrking generelt i Nepal.
1) In Nepal coffee started from 1938 AD by Hira Giri in Gulmi by taking coffee plant from Burma, Myanmar.
2)Its cultivation has gradually spread to about 40 districts of the middle hills of Nepal. Lalitpur, Gulmi, Palpa, Shyangja, Kaski, Sidhupalchowk, Kavre, are some districts known for Coffee production.

3) Alpine Coffee Estate is located in the foothills of Ganesh Himal, 35 kilometers, north from kathmandu. We grow 100% Arabic coffee, shade growth at an altitude of 1150-1300 m. Each harvest is hand picked, timely fermented, wet processed (washed) and sun-dried, preserving the natural character and flavor.
4) Photos of farm is attached below please go through those pictures.
5) About 80-90 farmers are working in the farm and they are paid on daily basis. Yes, we are fair trade in a sense that we do work fairly and there is nothing to hide. We pay fair wages to our employers and they have good working conditions. Only thing is we have not applied to have certificate yet because we have not been asked by any of our customers yet for this.
6) Currently it has been providing Barista Training classes in the head office situated at Lazimpat, Kathmandu.

Note: For further and more details please go through theses sources: Nepal Tea Coffee Board


Location and Demographics: Alpine Coffee Estate is located in the foothills of Nuwakot, 35 Kilometers north from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. Nuwakot District, a part of Bagmati Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal. The district, with Bidur as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,121 km² and has a population (2010) of 488,347. The altitude of the district ranges from 850 meters upto 2200 meters above sea level.

Nuwakot is not only famous for its scenic beauty with beautiful mountain surroundings and rivers, but also for the historical importance it bears. Nuwakot was the capital of Nepal, around 200 years ago. The Tamang, are ethnic people in Nuwakot; one of the several marginalized groups from north central hilly region of Nepal. Living mainly north and east of the country, they constitute 5.6% of Nepal’s population.

About the Estate:

Vision: “Producing highest quality Single Estate- Premium Specialty Organic Arabica.”

The farm is focused on producing the best quality, single Estate coffee in Nepal. The farm is located in an altitude of 1150 meters upto 1300 meters. Beginning from selection of perfect ripe cherries, to separation of floaters from sinkers, to pulping within 30 minutes after the separation process, and then immediately into fermentation tanks, it all happens here. Fermentation (fully wet processed), which holds the greatest weightage in the overall processing process, is closely and timely monitored by the expert hands. After 12-36 hours of fermentation, the fermented parchments are sent to washing and then dried under sun for 6-7 days until it reaches a moisture level of 11-13 %. The dried parchment are then stored in proper jute bags. Batch wise, separately dried parchment are hulled and the greens beans are roasted for tasting notes.

The above farming method practices sustainable organic farming method with no pesticides and harmful chemicals bought from outside. With sufficient greenery and cattles / livestock, the farm uses in-farm-made natural organic fertilizer for every coffee plant. Local employment is generated at this level.

We have encouraged the local community for organic coffee plantation. With free saplings distribution, counseling on coffee plantation, preparation of organic compost, prevention of coffee disease, need of shade trees, documentation and all other pertinent information regarding sustainably growing coffee, we welcome them all.

On environmental front, coffee is shade loving plant, requiring dense biomass, preserving and reviving nature. Forest and soil conservation being our major contribution, the Estate will also be used to promote agro tourism helping improve the locality.

Product Profile:
Himalayan Arabica, Specialty, Organic, Shade Grown, Highland, Wet Processed, Hand Sorted, Bird Friendly.

Tasting Notes:
Full Body, Floral Aroma, Mild Orange Rind with Sweet Nutty Caramel Chocolate Flavor, Decent Acidity, Well Balanced.

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