Smykke med armband, mørke fargar,

Kort perlesmykke med armband, mørke fargar og kvitt.

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Fint perlesmykke, langt eller kort: kan leggast to eller tri gonger rundt halsen. Kan også brukast som armband.  Metalllås.

Mål: ca. 160 cm  (lengden på heile smykket)

Handlaga hjå Higher Ground, Kathmandu, Nepal.


foto: All verdas, okotber 2015

Les om Higher Ground her:

At Higher Ground Nepal, our vision is to see lives restored.

Higher Ground Nepal developed out of Bimala (Shrestha) Pokharel’s vision of sharing God’s love with at-risk women, youth and children in Kathmandu.  By God’s grace, we have grown quickly and now employ more than 30 people, mostly women.

Higher Ground Nepal has two business branches (Higher Ground Crafts and Higher Ground Bakery-Café) and one NGO branch, Higher Ground Community Development.

This is how we operate:

  • At our Crafts and Bakery-Café business branches we teach skills and give employment.  We also support women and youth who choose to begin their own micro-enterprises. The businesses of Crafts and our Bakery-Café generate revenue which finances the third branch of Higher Ground Nepal:  Community Development.
  • Through our Community Development organization we
    • advocate for the vulnerable
    • promote awareness of trafficking
    • give formal and non-formal training on health, parenting and life skills
    • provide scholarships for at-risk youth
    • give counselling to abused, trafficked and traumatized women youth and children.
    • we are developing a safe-home for women and families struggling with being widowed, or transitioning out of abusive situations or exiting the sex tourism industry. 

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